Ideas to celebrate of reading, stories and books during Book Week.

  • Multicultural Book:
    Children with same nationality sit together and write in their native language
  • Character Treasure Hunt:
    Hide characters from a book in the class (or in 2 classes) and children seek them out.
  • Favorite Book Scavenger Hunt:
    Students are given a list of teacher's favorite children's books, but with no teacher names. Students must ask questions about characters, plot and setting to discover which teacher goes with which book.
  • Book Covers:
    Read a story, without showing the cover of the book. Let children create a cover as they see it. Afterwards, share the real book cover, and discuss similarities, differences and why the author/publisher chose that cover.
  • Pop-up Books:
    Model pop-up books, and then teach children simple pop-up book techniques.
  • Read aloud in Different Subjects:
    Read a book about math. Read a book about musicians. Read a book about artists, or tell a story about the beginnings of Google.

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