Teddy Bear Picnic
Thursday, February 12th at 11:15-11:55

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Students bring a favorite stuffed animal to a read aloud and picnic. ISE Staff members will be guest readers sharing their choice of stories during the picnic.
Parents help provide snack and drinks for the picnic.

Dear teachers! Sign up to read during the picnic!Dear parents! Sign up to provide snacks and drinks for the picnic! Sign up sheets will be up next to your child(ren) classroom a week prior the Book Week.

Dear teachers!
Teddy needs YOU to read aloud on Tuesday
February 12th 11:15-11:55

Dear parents!
Support Teddy Bear Picnic by bringing yummy snacks and juiceson Tuesday February 12th 11:15-11:55
Sign-up outside your child’s classroom!

Thank you!
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Questions? Contact Ms.Terje Äkke Grade 3