ISE Human Library
Friday February 13th, 13:40-15:30

We are continuing with a successful Human Library. This year the Human Library will hold music themed books. The books are related to music; genres, styles, instruments, singing, folk songs... anything that inspires the book or what the book is passionate about and finds important sharing with the reader.

Human library works exactly as a normal library – readers come and borrow a “book” for a limited period of time. After reading it they return the Book to the library. There is one difference: the Books in the library are human beings, and the Books and readers enter into a personal dialogue.
Human Library for the young students is a verbal heritage tool, a way:
  • to share our stories, culture, hobbies, interests, skills in a real face to face situation,
  • to learn from each other and about each other.

As in the real library, the Books are the most important resource of the Human library. The role of the book could be demanding, but it is also interesting and fun.

I would like to say a Great Big THANK YOU to all of the Books for volunteering as Books.
ISE Human Library Book CatalogMeet A Story 1.Title: The World of Bells
Summary: The history and the basics of playing the handbells, and a small concert with the possibility of joining in.

2.Title: The Rhythmic World of Percussion
Summary: Find out musical percussion instruments from different part of the world and discover how to play interesting sounds and rhythm.

3.Title: Trumpet in a Musical Circle
Summary: You will learn about the trumpet player's life and why music is important.

4.Title: You Can't Dance Without Music
Summary: This book is about dancing. It tells us about how music and dance are closely related. Have you ever seen a ballet? Would it be good if there was no music? Let's find out and dance together with the music.

5.Title: Singer Songwriter
Summary: Have you ever thought about singing? How about singing a song you wrote yourself?
We will be talking about joys and struggles of being a singer songwriter, learn few tricks and ways to write a song and try to create one together.

6.Title: Digital Organ
Summary: Find out about an instrument called piped organ and hear it play some extraordinary pieces of music.

7.Title: Feel the Beat
Summary: Find out about different drumming styles, discover the rhythm in you and create your own beats.

8. Title: Estonia and the Eurovision Song Contest
Summary: A short overview of Estonian performers and songs at Eurovision song contest from 1994 till now. Greatest winners and losers, and funniest performers and songs. Come and check us out.

9.Title: A Musical Trip Through the Baltics
Summary: Listen to a song starting from Estonia, through Latvia and ending in Lithuania. In each country the song recommends what to do there and what to notice and keep in mind.

10. Title: The sounds of variety
Summary: Listen to various genres of music and spot the differences between them. Find out what genre suits you the most and is your favorite. A perfect opportunity to hear what makes genres different.

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