Healthy Mind in Healthy BodyBOOK WEEK 2014February 14 - 21
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This year the annual book week is dedicated to sports, training, exercise, healthy lifestyle and Olympics. During the week through various events we will exercise our learning-reading muscles (brains), do exercise, play, create, and also learn about new and interesting things.
In addition to the Book Week all time favourites like Book Night, Mother tongue readings, Teddy Bear picnic and Character parade we are introducing new events of Human library and Reading marathon fund raiser. We will host a book sale and visit Tallinn Central Library Foreign language department nearby to take a look at their collection of sport and health books and join in sport related activities e.g. book yoga, sport quiz and board games.

Book Night – Friday - February 14th
An evening full of fun - races, exercise, and book related activities followed by a sleepover in school.

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Opening Ceremony (welcome) Monday 17th at 9 am
ISE Director Ms.Naglee will say the welcoming . MSP Handbell choir and PYP Dudettes led by Ms. Karolina Sepp tell us a musical story of "Puff, the Magic Dragon". Grade 1 and Reception are back with their popular Winter pageant "We Can Can Be Sporty Kids" number. Enjoy!

NEW! Human Library - Monday 17th at 9:45 - 10:45 (session 1) and 11:30 - 12:30 (session 2)
Human library works exactly as a normal library – readers come and borrow a “Book” for a limited period of time. After reading it they return the Book to the library. There is one difference: the Books in the library are human beings, and the Books and readers enter into a dialogue.
As in the real library, the Books are the most important resource of the Human library.

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Mother Tongue Readings – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 17th-20th
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday , from 8:50 – 9:30 a.m., ISE parents share stories in their native language.

Thank you parents and teachers for sharing your stories, culture and literature with us!

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Teddy Bear Picnic - Tuesday, February 18th at 13:25 - 14:05
Students bring a favorite stuffed animal to a read aloud and picnic. Parents help provide snacks and drinks.

Thank you teachers for reading to us! Thank you parents for yummy snacks!

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Tallinn Central Library Foreign Language department - Tuesday 18th at 10:45 (PS-Rec), Wednesday 19th at 10:15 (Gr 3-5), Thursay 20th at 10:15 (Gr 1-2)
PS and Reception - walk around the library, look at the books (sport books as well). Book yoga - read a story about animals and do corresponding yoga poses. Children join in doing the poses and pretending to be the animals from the story.
GR 1-2 - walk around the library, learn how library works, look at the books (sport books as well).Crafts activity - make a healthy eating board game to take back to school to play.
GR 3-5 - walk around the library, learn how library works, look at the books (sport books as well). Take a sport and health quiz with prizes.

NEW! Allecto Book Sale (parents welcome) - Wednesday 19th 13:00 till the end of the day and Thursday morning
ISE will host Allecto book sale of children's and young adult literature (originals and adaption), children's reference books, activity books, games and films. Books are mainly in English but also in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Classroom Presentations (parents welcome)Wednesday PYP Assembly (Grade 1) Thursday at 11:15 - 12:30 (All the other grades)
Classes share presentations based on this year’s theme Healthy mind in healthy body.

Do´s and Dont´s of Reading by Grade 2

Character Parade (parents welcome) – Thursday at 13:25 - 14:45 in Gym
Come as a book character and bring your book. Introduce your character, share the books, interviews, dance, have fun!

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NEW! Reading marathon fund raiser - during the Book Week week
Find sponsors, read books and help to start a book collection. The collected funds will go to support Nõmme Women Shelter, to start their collection of children´s books.