Telling stories through different mediaBOOK WEEK 2013
February 15th – 21st

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Bookmobile, Katariina Jee - February 15th
A library bus from Tallinn Central Library will visit our school. Students have a chance to experience how bookmobiles work and participate in activities led by Central Library media specialists.

Book Night – Friday - February 15th
An evening full of storytelling, activities and fun with books followed by a sleepover in school.

Opening Ceremony – Monday, 18th at 9am
ISE Director Ms.Naglee will say the welcoming words. MSP Drama students led by Doc Shepherd will be presenting popular fairy-tale "The Three Little Pigs".

German language book reading Monday, February 18th 13:20-14:05 - and display "Window - Fenster" Monday to Friday
A "window" display of Austrian, German, and children´s literature, audio and video stories. This exhibition is sponsored by Estonian National Library Austrian Hall and initiated by an ISE Parent and Board Chair Ms. Cornelia Godfrey. Thank you!
German language reading - Preschool - Grade 1: Grade 1 classroom 2 5: Grade 5 classroom

Thank you for the wonderful readers, Ave and Maarian, from the National Library Austrian and German reading room. They shared "Ich bin ich" (Me I am) audio book and
"Bremen Stadtmusikanten" (Bremen Town Musicians) book and video with our students. You are welcomed and invited to visit Austrian, German and Swiss reading rooms at the National Library at Tõnismägi 2.


Mother Tongue Readings – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 19th-21s
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday , from 8:50 – 9:30 a.m., ISE parents share stories in their native language.

Tuesday - French, Italian, Hebrew

Wednesday - Japanese, Lithuanian

Thursday - Estonian, Finnish, Greek

Teddy Bear Picnic - Tuesday, February 19th at 14.45-15.30
  • Students bring a favorite stuffed animal to a read aloud and picnic.
    Sign up to help provide snacks and drinks
Pre - Reception: in Preschool Seniors
Grades 1-2: in Grade 1 classroom
Grades 3-5: in Grade 34 classroom

Special thanks for the guest readers; Mr Wendell ISE IB English teacher, Doc Shepherd ISE IB Chemistry and MSP Drama teacher and Mr. John B ISE MSP teacher. Thank you for the special treat for our picnics!

Book Swap
Give books. Get books.
Bring your books (those in good reading condition) by February 14th
We are looking for books for all ages, readers and fiction is much appreciated as well as mother tongue books.
Pre - Reception: Monday 18th at 14:50-15:30
Grades 1: Tuesday 19th at 14:06-14:46
Grade 2: Wednesday 20th at 11:14-11:54
Grades 3-5: Tuesday 19th at 11:14-11:54

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Classroom Presentations (parents welcome)Thursday at 13:40 in Gym
  • Classes share presentations based on this year’s theme of telling stories through different media.

Preschool Juniors "Three Little Pigs" Thank you Ms. Jelena

Preschool Seniors presented a wonderful play "Tacky and the Winter Games" story by Helen Lester, directed by Ms. Janika, musical acts by Ms. Karolina

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Reception and Grade 1 performed "Three Bears and a Little Wolf" an exciting story with a surprise ending. Thank you Ms. Ketlin and Ms. Sirje


Enjoy the below Grade 2 stop motion film "The Three Little Pigman Brothers" directed by Mr. Tim

Grade34 presented their shadow puppet acts on Wednesday during PYP assembly. It was a team effort of Ms. Terje, Mr. Paulo, Ms. Karolina and all grade 34 students. Bravo!

Grade 5 made a film "Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood" with PuppetPals app taking full advantage of our 1 to 1 iPad program. Thank you Mr. Montgomery "The Big Red Riding Hood"!

  • Character Parade (parents welcome) – Thursday following classroom presentations in Gym
  • Children dress up and parade as a favorite book character.

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Questions? Contact Ms. Kadri Tomson